Skin Checks & Surgery

Skin Check:

Your skin is examined under bright lights and with magnification. Specific skin lesions are then examined by Dermatoscopy (also known as dermoscopy or epiluminescence microscopy) is the examination of skin lesions with a ‘dermatoscope’. (Google) The dermatoscope magnifies the lesion for more detailed analysis. Some lesions may appear benign however when examined by dermoscopy the lesion may very well prove to be malignant or a nasty looking lesion may prove to be benign.

Once a lesion with suspicious features is identified a biopsy or excision may be recommended.
A biopsy means taking the whole or part of a lesion for pathological assessment to determine what the lesion is and therefore assists with further definitive management which may or may not include surgical treatment or creams or liquid nitrogen freezing (Cryotherapy).

Dr. Duvel may take photos of certain lesion. This is for documentation and for follow up purposes.
In some cases, a lesion may be followed at certain intervals to determine its progression.

Skin Cancer Surgery:

Dr. Duvel performs excisions of skin cancers on all parts of the body.
Many skin cancers can be easily excised with minimal scarring. Scarring in minimized by some advanced techniques. Scarring risk will be discussed with you. If you have had keloids in the past, please report this to Dr. Duvel.
In some cases, the defect (wound) cannot be easily closed, in which case a skin flap or skin graft may be required. In some cases, Dr. Duvel performs these under local anesthesia in the surgery’s treatment room under aseptic conditions.

More complicated cases requiring general anesthesia may be referred to specialist centers for treatment.


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