Care Planning For Allied Health & Mental Health

Mental Health:

Mental health is an important part of our lives and our practice. Depression and anxiety disorders in many cases is best managed with Cognitive behavioral therapy or counselling with a psychologist, with or without medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the techniques used by psychologists to help you in your difficult times.

A mental health care plan in some cases is needed to help patients with depression or other mental health conditions. A mental health care plan entitles the patient to a certain amount of Medicare subsidized visits to a psychologist. A mental health care plan review is done after a certain time frame, which varies from patient to patient, to redo the plan and rearrange the psychologist visits and update the psychologist and doctor about the patient’s progress.

Please notify reception when booking for one of these appointments as we schedule more time for these.

Health assessment:

Kids are seen at certain intervals for their immunizations. During these visits a limited health assessment is done as discussed before.

Between age 45-and age 49 a health assessment is a good idea to screen for asymptomatic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes to name just 2. Other investigations may be needed such as blood tests, EGG’s and spirometry (Lung function tests)

After age 75 an annual health assessment is a good idea. This helps the doctors to uncover or discover changes in your health early and take action to reduce risk of illness related complications. As we age our bodies change and certain conditions sneak up on us.

For a health assessment you will be seen by the nurse for approximately 30-60 minutes, after which you see the doctor for an examination and further investigations.

When booking for a health assessment please advise reception as we need to synchronize the nurse and doctor visits.


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