Men’s Women’s & Kids Health

Men’s Health:

Men are encouraged to visit for assessment when experiencing men’s health concerns. Men seems to be reluctant to report symptoms.

Men’s health includes assessment for Depression, Prostate cancer and symptoms of urination difficulty, sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction, general health assessment and general wellbeing.

Men between age 45-49 should have at least one thorough health assessment. In this age group and annually over age 75. During this assessment a detailed history is done and several screening test to look for conditions that may not be causing symptoms, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and some others.

Women’s Health:

Women are encouraged to present for their routine screening tests such as PAP smears, breast screening tests, and health assessments.

Women’s health includes evaluation and screening of diabetes, other disorders of the endocrine system, mental health screening, blood pressure and many more.

Women are encouraged to have a health assessment at least once between 45 and 49 years of age and annually for age over 75.

Kids health:

Children and infants need immunizations which are an important part of kid’s health and community health. Immunization schedules have changed recently. During kids’ health assessments and at immunization visits the health will be assessed with checking baby’s weight, height, head circumference and a physical examination. The purpose of this is to detect any delays in development so early intervention can be arranged.


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